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Due to the kind shout out from Frank at Risk Parity Radio, I now have a few more readers of this blog. So exciting! Here is a little guide to get you started...

I'm so glad you're here. By way of a little tour...

You might want to start with the "About" page, (also in the top menu bar) - that will give you a sense of what this blog is all about. In a nutshell, the goal of this blog is to track my efforts of researching, testing, and sharing insights about Risk Parity as an investing approach.

If you are a beginner to Risk Parity, or if you just want to read my take on it, you may want to go through the "What is Risk Parity?" series of blog posts (also accessible by clicking on the orange box on the main page). There are 11 posts covering the basics, from definitions to approaches to mindsets behind Risk Parity-style investing.

As part of the "research" mission for the blog, I have (so far) collected and reviewed twenty papers, books or other resources about Risk Parity. It starts with a series of blog posts for the Top 10 (you can also access those with the blue button on the main page). You'll find links to each source, a  quick description, and then my longer notes for each source. More resources will be coming regularly.

From there, the series of posts on the test portfolios might be your next stop (can also click the green button). The most recent portfolio review where I examine the performance of the ten portfolios for the previous month is posted at the top, and then you can see all the portfolios at a glance, plus a detailed description for each.

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