Test Portfolios

The RPC Growth Portfolio

This is the second original portfolio among the ten - an aggressive variation of the RPC Income. It uses leverage to create space for some highly speculative assets, including digital currency. For all that, though, its risk profile is still more conservative than the 100% equities portfolio.

The 100% Equities Portfolio

The third benchmark portfolio, tracked mainly to contrast it with other aggressive portfolios: the Levered Butterfly and the RPC Growth portfolio. It represents the highest volatility that the average investor is comfortable with and is usually only the strategy of those far from retirement.

The Qian Portfolio

Named after the investment pro who coined the term “risk parity,” the Qian portfolio is my version of the mathematically precise Risk Parity asset allocation Edward Qian proposes in his book. It belongs in the moderate portfolio grouping, along with the 80/20 and the Levered Butterfly.