Portfolio Reviews

September 2023 Portfolio Review

Ouch. Tough month. Long duration Treasuries, which figure prominently in many of the test portfolios, were absolutely blitzed. All portfolios down at least 3.35% (the level at which the RPC Stability “won” the month), and the Levered Seasons portfolio was down almost 10%.

August 2023 Portfolio Review

Pretty flat month, without much drama. Bonds had a good month, the longer the duration the better, and equities went down a bit, but not much. The All Seasons portfolio, with 55% in fixed income, won the month, though 100% Equities is still in first overall.

July 2023 Portfolio Review

Great month personally (5 weeks in Europe!) but tricky for the portfolios - mostly great up until the past week, then a big slide.. Only two positive portfolios for July, both traditional ones, and traditional ones won the month and lead overall. Meanwhile, the Qian portfolio continues to sink.

June 2023 Portfolio Review

Greetings from Amsterdam! Nice month for investors - the kind that reminds you why it’s time in the market, not timing the market. Inflation dropping. All portfolios up but one, led by 100% equities. Meanwhile, not a great showing for RP - all 3 portfolios on the overall podium are traditionals.