Portfolio Reviews

April 2023 Portfolio Review

April turned out to be a thoroughly nondescript, boring, and lackluster month…kinda nice, wasn’t it? All portfolios around the breakeven point after withdrawals. Winner: the Capital Efficient Butterfly (+.79%); loser: the Levered Seasons (-.69%). RPC Stability up .01%, and still first overall.

March 2023 Portfolio Review

Bit of a tempest in a teacup this month: lots of bad and dramatic news, but in the end, really decent portfolio performance. Bonds made a big comeback, helping the Qian portfolio win the month. RPC Stability still in first overall, but its lead is shrinking.

January 2023 Portfolio Review

Whiplash. We went from a pretty bad month to end a pretty bad year to what was simply an amazing January: two portfolios were up +11%, two more +9%, and even the worst was up 5%. Leverage-heavy RPC Growth the best performer; super diversified RPC Stability still first overall.