September 2022 Portfolio Review

Another terrible, horrible, no good month - sound familiar? In an already bad year, September was especially bad - portfolios down between 5.7 and 11.8%. Q3 dividends meant a few portfolios didn’t require many withdrawals - a thin silver lining on an otherwise dreadfully gray cloud.

August 2022 Portfolio Review

August was a tale of two halves: continued upward momentum from July in the first half of the month, then pivoting mid-August and sharply declining after the 26th. By month’s end: another terrible, bad, no good month for all portfolios. Stability continues to be the cleanest dirty shirt, though.

July 2022 Portfolio Review

Pretty impressive numbers for the month, in a partial bounce back after months of declines. Equities the big winners, with crypto surging too. Interestingly, though, is that even after a great month, all portfolios are still below their level at the start of June.

May 2022 Portfolio Review

Market declines continued in May, though a late rally saved returns from looking too bad. Less leveraged and non-leveraged Risk Parity portfolios continue to lead the pack, still occupying the top 4 spots overall, though the best portfolio this month was the Bogleheads 80/20.