Series: The Test Portfolios

Here you'll find the latest monthly portfolio review, plus the start page for the discussion of the seven test Risk Parity portfolios and three benchmark portfolios. The series begins with a comparison of them all, then each one is explained and analyzed in turn.

Here is the latest monthly portfolio review:

May 2022 Portfolio Review
An absolutely horrible, terrible, no good month for investors of any stripe: stocks falling steadily, bonds in free fall, inflation high and rising. But if there is a bright side for RP, it’s that it did less badly than others, with RP portfolios occupying the top 4 spots for the month and overall.

If you are interested in digging more into the sample portfolios, this series of posts has been  set up to allow you to just click "Next Post" at the bottom right. This will introduce the portfolios and compare them briefly, and then as you go through the subsequent posts, you'll be able to see them each in greater depth.

If you want to skip around, though, here are the relevant posts:

Overview of the Test Portfolios, with a note about the methodology of the backtests

The Classic 60/40

The Golden Butterfly

The All Seasons

The Risk Parity Chronicles Income

The Bogleheads 80/20

The Qian

The Levered Butterfly

The 100% Equities

The Risk Parity Chronicles Growth

The Levered Seasons

Finally, a post covering the withdrawal rules for the portfolios.

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