Preferred Assets


Core US Equity: VTI

Large-Cap Growth: IWY

Small-cap Value: AVUV

Core International Equity: DFAX


Extended Duration Treasuries: EDV

Long-term Treasuries: VGLT


Managed Futures: DBMF

Commodities: PDBC

Gold: GLDM

Digital Currency: GDLC

Other Assets

These are other assets that I have reviewed. They may be good things to invest in and they may not, but my conclusion here is that they aren't really vital parts of a Risk Parity portfolio, or that there are better alternatives.

REITs index: VNQ

Low(er) Beta Equities: VPU

Dividend Funds: SCHD, SPHD, and VIG

Large-cap Growth: VUG (beaten out by IWY in a challenge)