Risk Parity Resources: Money For the Rest of Us podcast

Thoughtful and informative podcast about markets, asset classes, and how to be a better investor. Not a RP-specific resource, per se, but jives really well with RP principles in promoting diverse portfolios prepared for different economic conditions.

Important Points for the RP Investor:

This podcast is hosted by J. David Stein, a former institutional money manager who left his firm to become one of the premier financial educators in the business. This weekly podcast features episodes, usually around 25-30 minutes, on a wide variety of topics. Recent examples include the growing strength of Vanguard and BlackRock, AirBNB and the housing market, and Quantitative Tightening. Stein brings his professional experience, great research, and a real knack for explaining complex topics in accessible ways to these topics and many, many more, producing what for me is an indispensable source of information on investing.

Stein is an advocate of many of the same investing principles that lie behind Risk Parity, including the need to create portfolios with a variety of uncorrelated asset streams, though importantly, would not consider himself a Risk Parity investor. His term for portfolio construction is that investors should seek an "asset garden," with different assets "blooming" at different times. There have been assets on a staggering variety of different possible asset classes: farmland, fine art, business development companies, carbon emission credits, convertible bonds ... the list goes on and on.

Stein clearly shies away from predictions of the future, and approaches new topics with humility and openness. He constantly reminds listeners of the need for flexibility and evolution of one's thinking on investments, even as he does articulate clear and enduring principles behind successful investing. He matches my mantra to "Prepare, don't predict" when it comes to portfolio construction.

Regular listeners of Risk Parity Radio will surely recognize the name: Frank Vasquez uses Stein's book, "Money for the Rest of Us: Ten Questions to Master Successful Investing," when discussing different assets and whether or not they are suitable for a Risk Parity portfolio.

Money for the Rest of Us: 10 Questions to Master Successful Investing: Stein, J. David: 9781260453867: Books
Money for the Rest of Us: 10 Questions to Master Successful Investing: Stein, J. David: 9781260453867: Books

I wind up listening to just about every episode (one of the few podcasts that I can say that about; for most podcasts to which I subscribe I just listen to particular episodes that catch my eye). If you just want to listen to a few specifically connected to Risk Parity, I'd recommend: