Portfolio Backtest Shortcut Tool explainer

…but first…necessary backstory so the right people get credit: One of the loyal listeners of Risk Parity Radio, Mark, a noble and generous fellow for sure, figured out the coding scheme for the backtests on Portfolio Charts and Portfolio Visualizer and created a shortcut spreadsheet that allows you to enter the data once and then produces links for the two sites. Another listener, Karen, equally noble and generous, took it one step further, and added a way to create a second link for Portfolio Visualizer to run a backtest by asset classes. Cheers and kudos to them both.

Here is the link to my version of the tool, which is a slightly altered version of Karen’s version. Clicking the link will open the tool as a copy for you on Google Drive:

Now, how to use it? Please check out the video below. You'll notice that the version used in the video is slightly different than the current version linked above, but the changes haven't been major:


NB: if anyone can figure out how to make the tool work with portfolios involving leveraged assets, the universe and I will thank you profusely!