Quarter 3 2021 Portfolio Review

Quarterly review from Q3, 2021. Started in July with $1,000,000 in each portfolio. A very flat quarter, all in all, with three of the ten portfolios finished in positive territory, and the other seven falling short.

2021/10 QPReview Spreadsheet
Comp Prev Qtr Inflation,Classic 60/40,Golden Butterfly,All Seasons,Income,Bogleheads 80/20,Qian,Leveraged Butterfly,100% Equities,Growth,Leveraged Seasons,This Qtr Inflation2021 Q3,-%,-0.39%,-1.31%,0.17%,-0.30%,-1.04%,0.11%,-0.96%,-0.94%,0.16%,-1.89%,1.32%Placement,5,9,1,4,8,3,7,6,2,10Qtr Sta...

This was a difficult quarter for all portfolios. Inflation was very high, at 1.32% for the quarter, and in fact, inflation beat every one of the ten portfolios. The highest portfolio was the All Seasons, with a gross return of 1.17%, which still represented a loss in comparison to the effects of inflation by .15%. Not a very auspicious start for the tracking of these sample portfolios, for sure.

The highest assets for the quarter was the cryptocurrency fund, which helped the Growth portfolio finish second. Commodities did well, in line with our expectations in inflationary environments. The worst performing asset was TNA, the 3X leveraged small-cap fund, so the three portfolios with any allocation to TNA in excess of 10% found it difficult to overcome that drag.

Monthly/Cumulative Results:

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Best/Worst Assets for Q3 2021